Cubasis 3 PDC broken

Hi all,

PDC is still on our list!


Thanks for the response Lars, that’s good to know at least… although, scrolling up to the beginning of this thread, I notice that was also the case back in January 2020(!)

After nearly 3 years on the list, it must be getting pretty close to the top by now, surely?! :wink:

This needs implementation ASAP!!! My desktop friends are mocking all my life desicions for this! Make C4 as lean and slick as possible, with PDC, pretty please my guys. Would be worth a full update, but should really be standard. This might hold alot of potential customers off, you of course are aware of, as it’s an essential tool for some sounds.

Ha! I get the same comments. “Get a real DAW.” “Stop playing with your iPad!” And the like.

I ignore. I can pop open my iPad on the train or a plane and work on my music. That’s much harder with a “real” DAW on Windows or a Mac.

I was really hoping this would be implemented in the latest 3.5 update.

We have a bunch of iOS DAWs available with PDC (NanoStudio 2, Auria Pro, Audio Evolution Mobile, Roland Zenbeats) all with no multi-core support.

Then we have a single DAW available with multi-core support (Cubasis) but… No PDC!

C’mon Cubasis, don’t let those other DAWs push you around with their fancy ‘PDC capabilities’ - quickly get this implemented, then you can claim your crown as the best DAW on iOS!


Hello @LSlowak !
May I kindly ask you how things are going with the PDC feature?

I can’t understand why this has been ignored for several years, although it is a basic feature that all users who use plug-ins need. :thinking:

Now that it’s 4 years and 4 months later on the “to-do list”, has this been resolved or should I be looking to purchase a different iOS DAW to use Fabfilter plugins on individual channels with lookahead limiting and compression? I’m getting ready to buy either Cubasis 3 or something else that has plugin delay compensation.

This feature has not been implemented yet. :crazy_face:

Part of the 10-year-plan I guess. Cubasis 7.