Cubasis 3 PDC broken

The Plugin Delay Compensation is unreliable in Cubasis 3, and several AUv3s are exhibiting latency.
To replicate:
Create 2 midi tracks with Classic Machines :1 kick 2 snare.
Add Toneboosters Reverb as a Send for the snare.
Then group the kick and the snare and insert Toneboosters Barricade on the Drum Group track.
Compress the sound and you get Huge latency causing phased sound. If you replace Barricade with Korvpressor even worse.
If you replace Toneboosters Reverb with Impulsation by Gospel Musicians you still get latency.
it is obviously a problem with Cubasis 3, as all the aforementioned work fine in Cubasis 2 and other hosts, and only exhibit latency in Cubasis 3.

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for your message.
As of yet, Cubasis does not offer plug-in delay compensation.


When do you plan on implementing it?
A DAW marketed as a professional product in 2020 without PDC :open_mouth: , do you realise how outrageous this is ? :imp:
And I don’t understand why those plugins work fine without any latency in Cubasis 2. Are you telling me Cubasis 2 has PDC , but Cubasis 3 doesn’t? This then is not an upgrade but a downgrade!

Hi Simusic,

If possible, please provide me with a short example (e.g. a Cubasis 2 and 3 project) that demonstrates the issue.
Please upload these via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.

Thank you.

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I sent you all of the examples in private message as requested. Any feedback?

Thank you for providing us with the project files, which have been shared with the team.


Are there other iOS ‘DAWs’ which do PDC?


Any news? Will it be fixed?

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis does not offer PDC, which remains on our list for future updates.


So the latency issue with Toneboosters Barricade/Reverb is indeed lack of PDC? :cry:
Good to know it is planned, but you can’t advertise a DAW as professional without PDC. in Pro DAWs PDC is standard since early 2000.

There are things which can be done in “future updates”, and others really requiring an urgent quick fix.
This one belongs to the latter category for sure!

I have returned to Cubasis 2, for this and some other reasons, for the time being.
I like Cubasis 3 a lot - but it still has to become a full working product.

Hi jimknopf,

We are currently working on a maintenance update, which is planned to address several user issues.

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Cubasis 2 never had PDC either.

No matter if it is PDC or whatever: like the OP I have met more plugin problems, including latency issues, with Cubasis 3, than I ran into with Cubasis 2.

Looking forward to the first quick fix…

Hi jimknopf,

Thank you for your message.

We’re in preparation of the upcoming Cubasis maintenance, which will address many user-reported issues.

In making sure, your plug-in topics are included in our bug base, please provide us with dedicated bug reports (using the form below).
This will allow our quality assurance and engineering to evaluate your issues.

Thank you for your support!

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Is the Toneboosters Reverb/Barricade group lag issue fixed? Or does it need PDC? If you have it fixed then please release an update. I think as long as the most popular plugs work correctly you won’t have many complaints.

Hello @LSlowak !

More than two and a half years have passed, but the plug-in delay compensation has not been added to Cubasis. It’s horrible. Are you still planning to do this?

@LSlowak this is also an active issue for me. In order to avoid delays and phasing, I have to play with plug-in settings.

I am using mostly FabFilter (Pro C2, Pro Q3, Pro L2, Pro R, Timeless and Pro MB), with a bit of Toneboosters Barricade, Eventide MicroPitch and MagicDeathEye stereo.

I had a specific issue yesterday where Pro L2 on a drum track introduced very noticeable latency. I was able to use a different “style” (Punch) to reduce it.

The latency occurred whether I froze the track or not. In other words, Track Freeze recorded the track with the latency.

@LSlowak this is an absolute necessity in a DAW! (Even more important to me than Mackie support for track meters)

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I agree, such an essential feature for a DAW really should be ‘top of the list’ for the devs to address. I ran into this issue recently when trying to add a ‘look-ahead’ limiter to my drum bus (group) and noticed all my percussion became out of sync with the rest of the track.

I boycotted Cubasis for a while upon discovering this - I looked into Auria Pro, Roland Zenbeats and Audio Evolution Mobile (all of which feature Plugin Delay Compensation) but just couldn’t get on with them for various reasons - they’re each missing something which Cubasis already does very well - be it multi-core support, automation handling, track duplicating, freezing etc.

In the end, I returned to Cubasis with my tail between my legs, and begrudgingly decided to just not place a limiter (or other latency-introducing effect) on anything other than the master bas, until this gets fixed.

It’s both disappointing and worrying to see how long this has been going on for though…