Cubasis 3 sample rate conversion ruined my session

Hi. I set my session to 48kHz and 24 bits. I’m on iPad Pro 2020, 12.9”, iOS 14.2

While recording another tracks I’ve noticed the system itself switched sample rate down to 44.1. While switching back to my original 48 kHz rate it made timing of my audio tracks all over the place… Please help as it ruined my all week work and the session.

Undo doesn’t help at that matter.

Looking forward to your tips on how to revert it to original state.


Hi lukasz.dyakowski,

Thanks for your message!

Please check if the revised sample rate handling could be related to the problem:


Hi everyone,
I have a similar problem and no idea how to solve it.
I set the project in 44,1. The System switched it to 48kHz which can‘t be changed any more.

Regards Mark

I‘m panicking!!! :scream:

Hi markbro,

What could have been changed, which leads to the project sample rate?

Did you use an audio device supporting 44.1 kHz, when creating the project?
Could the iPad device in use be limited to 48 kHz?

Please have a look at the following article to learn more: