Cubasis 3 update 3.0.1!

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Thank you so much!!
I’m very happy!! Coz now i can tweaking my auv3 plugin with peace :peace_symbol:
Cubasis 3 on the fly now! :laughing:

But. But. But!!! Don’t forget about mini sampler and other. And i still have a bugs you know, well i can’t still change the velocity on my drum with auv3 or iaa sampler app like Koala and reslice. The velocity on note doesn’t work properly. And other than that, the UI on daw cassette app still bad especially on cassette icons positions. So where’s the link where i can send you the video about it. I have screen recorded about it. Thanks! :blush:

CUBASIS 3.0.1 improvements

Track Inspector, Track List & Arrange Window
CBT-764 Scrolling the inspector vertically now works as expected.
CBT-1246 Addresses a rare problem, where pasted files remain silent, due to an undefined solo mute state.
CBT-1272 Resolves a problem, where loading a Cubasis 2 project leads to empty audio project files.
CBT-1275 Copied audio and MIDI files no longer remain silent after being pasted.
CBT-1289 Resolves a problem, where importing a MIDI file of extensive length can lead to graphical issues.
CBT-1296 Resolves a problem, where the wrong note is being highlighted while changing the note’s velocity position using the utility buttons located on the left.
CBT-1315 Pasting and glueing MIDI parts now works as expected.
CBT-1333 Group track routing is now correctly displayed upon first opening.
CBT-1339 Punch in and punch out now work as expected.
CBT-1348 Addresses a problem, where using track freeze could lead to incomplete audio renderings.
CBT-1364 Addresses a problem, where the length of a time-stretched event is altered when re-opening the project.

MIDI Editor
CBT-646 MIDI editor no longer loses its last zoom level setting when being closed and reopened.
CBT-1337 MIDI editor velocity bars are now correctly aligned to the bottom of the MIDI editor.

Instruments & Effects
CBT-990 Deleting a Micrologue user preset now works as expected.
CBT-1280 Studio EQ frequency automation parameter values are no longer displayed incorrectly in the automation editor.
CBT-1334 Tapping the paste/steps button in the Micrologue ARP in-app purchase, no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1350 Resolves a minor problem where the send effect slots are overlaid by the effect rack user interface.
CBT-1358 Resolves a problem, where changing parameters of the Non-Linear Reverb of FX Pack I leads to fully distorted audio playback.
CBT-1366 Resolves a graphical issue, where the Studio EQ parameter curve is not displayed, when being assigned as send effect.

Audio Unit & Inter-App Audio
CBT-1215 Resolves a rare problem, where opening the user interface of an Audio Unit plug-in stops playback from running.
CBT-1254 Deactivating an Inter-App Audio effect now works as expected.
CBT-1303 Resolves a problem, where the last changes made in an Audio Unit plug-in are not remembered, when having its user interface re-opened.
CBT-1342 Changing effect parameters on specific 3rd party AU effect apps, such as Tonebooster Reverb no longer slows down Cubasis.
CBT-1343 Using ROLI NOISEwith Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1344 Using GeoShred with Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1354 Using Mononoke with Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1374 Resolves a problem, where parameter changes made in an Audio Unit instrument are reset, after reloading the project.

CBT-1273 Cubasis 3 is now sending MIDI start/stop messages from the transport buttons as expected.
CBT-1274 Solves a problem, where loading a Cubasis 2 project can render Cubasis 3 unreliable.
CBT-1298 Improves a problem, where the undo history list appears incomplete or empty.
CBT-1300 Solves a serious problem, where instruments can play back out of time when using higher latency settings.
CBT-1367 Opening the iOS control center while Cubasis is running, no longer results in accidentally selecting the help, settings or in-app shop menu.
CBT-1371 Current projects get auto-saved when a recording has stopped.

Future topics (currently being developed, release date TBA)

  • MiniSampler edit functionality
  • Apple Pencil Support

Phew! So yeah, there were a couple of issues with the previous release! :astonished: Glad these have all been addressed, even if it took a while…

Again, here’s the other bug where’s not fixed by cubasis 3.0.1. After I frozen/freezing the audio/midi then i turn on on the send fx like riverb, it’s not working. I tried manipulating of this with moved the audio onto the new track.
And what about the “ AutoPlay” this auto or not? Or just played icon. Coz it’s not auto… Thanks :pray:t3:

#Phew! :mechanical_arm:

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