Cubasis 3 with Android

I have cubasis 3 on my galaxy a7. How i fan switch stereo output ti 3/4 channels of my ur44c?

My experience of Cubasis on my Android tablet with my external presonus interface is that it’s useless. Won’t let me change sample rate or adjust latency settings because it doesn’t use an ASIO driver but the standard android ones. Audio evolution mobile daw has a custom low latency driver that works really well with the same hardware. Steinberg have responded by saying they use the standard android drivers and that’s all. They don’t seem to care about android users. p.s. i DID demo Cubasis before buying, but only with inbuilt audio and not with external gear to actually record things…

I think that unfortuately there are only 2 audio inputs capacity for the Android version

Hi @redercole,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply (due to annual holidays).

Cubasis for Android is limited to 2 inputs and outputs.

To learn more, please have a look at the comparison chart on the Cubasis website, where we’ve tried our best to describe all available features of the various Cubasis versions:

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