Cubasis 3

I have been a cubasis 2 user for a long time. Also bought many plugins via store option in cubasis 2. When cubasis 3 showed up I was pretty sure that it would be un upgrade for cubasis 2 users… but as it turned out Steinberg wants us to pay another fifty bucks for a little modified interface an some new features… totally dismissing the fact we’ve already paid for version 2. I think it’s greedy. Steinberg has never been too generous to the customers but this time is a little too much even for Steinberg…

As a software developer I know that making great software is hard.
And in the mobile app business, think it’s difficult to create a pricing scheme that takes into account that for a one time payment, also when not adding any features, you will always have to update your app for security reasons, and because the mobile operating systems where people use it change constantly - so you always have maintenance work, basically forever, and only get paid once.
If you do a subscription scheme, many people complain because they dont understand the maintenance issue. (at the same time, they don’t offer their boss to get paid once, and then come to work every morning forever… so why should the developers of their apps do that?).

But, yes, having bought Cubasis 2 for a significant amount a while ago, and now having to pay the full price again, just feels not a good thing as a customer. I have financed more of the overall Cubasis development than people who only now buy version 3, but I dont get a discount - or maybe just an extra plugin for free, or something like that…

Anyway - if I would be convinced of Cubasis, and would be using it on a daily basis, I might find it ok to pay 50€ every year or two. But I don’t use and like it so much, especially because I am missing a “linked copy” function for events as most current DAW’s have nowadays. So I am not going to buy it.