Cubasis 3

Hello everyone, first of all, hope
everyone is safe, stay healthy and be safe.
Yesterday, i bought Cubasis 3 for my Ipad,
wow my god, it feels like a real cubase, just
like cubase element…
Very easy and straightforward to work with.
This cubasis 3, is worth developing for
plugins etc…
Yes the price was a bit high, but i was thinking, why not buy this cubasis 3,
now that i have my “new” Ipad pro 2018
with 256 gb storage.
Thank you Steinberg.

Lars, hope you are ok.

Hi henrikmusic,

Thank you for your kind message!
Luckily, we’re all well over here, and I hope the same for you and yours!

We’re very glad to read that you seem to enjoy using Cubasis 3!

Please stay safe and sound!

Best wishes,