Cubasis and Bluetooth MIDI controller Roli Lightpad Block

I was trying to use my Roli Lightpad Block with Cubasis.
But wasn’t able to connect and make it appear as a selectable input device.
Was no Problem in Garage Band. The I just had to enable support for MPE controllers,activate Bluetooth on my iPad and then the device would show up.
Anyone here knows how to do that in Cubasis?


Update: must have been blind to not see the MIDI setup.
Got the Lightpad Block connected and it shows as connected.
But now I can play on the Lightpad Block as much as I want, no sounds are triggered.
Noise is loaded as an AU instrument, the track is armed. Routing input is set to the Lightpad Block.

Hi Lars
Could it be that it is simply caused by Cubasis not being ready for MPE?
I did not manage to get any sounds playing with my Lightpad Block. Everything works fine with my MIDI keyboard iRigPro.

Hi all,

Thanks for your message.
We’re in exchange with our friends at ROLI to investigating the topic.

Will keep you updated.


Thanks for letting me know. So, I guess MPE is a feature that is intended to work with ROLI controllers in the not to far future.
Would be cool to use it in my Cubasis projects.

I installed the new Cubasis version.
I did not manage to make my Lightpad Block triggering a note.
I am not sure what I need to do.
Wait until the issue was a resolved?
Is the issue that I do it wrong? Should it be working?
Is this just an issue with my setup and it works for others?
Do you need more info so that you can help me?

I am still not sure whether the answer meant that it is not working at all or if it depends on the individual setup.
I would appreciate an answer.

I need help with the same issues😩

This worked fine until I updated the firmware on my roli block to the latest firmware, now I can hear the roli sounds in Cubasis in the keyboard but my block no longer triggers the sounds even though I am connected via Bluetooth.