Cubasis and the Presonus 1818 VST

Hi there everybody! I am hoping that somebody here can help me. I’m looking for a good interface for multi track recording on my iPad 4. I’ve got Cubasis and think it’s great but so far I can’t seem to find if anybody is using the Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL to get into it? I have seen a YouTube video where someone was recording their band using the 1818 and an iPad but I’m not sure if there were using Cubasis or Auria. I really don’t want to use Auria. Don’t really see the point as I already have Cubasis and have always had great success with Steinberg products.

I need at least 8 ins plus midi. Good solid mic pre’s are also necessary. I don’t have the budget for the big Steinberg interface and MOTU is also out of the picture.

All help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I forgot to add that the reason I’m looking for this information is that I’m trying to put together a reasonably small portable recording system.

I live in an apartment so in order to record my drummer, I have to got to his house but for the rest of the band I can record everything in my studio. Granted it will be “in the box” recording at that stage but that’s quite fine with me.

Thanks again!

I use the iPad Air with the Presonus 1818VSL, it works great, both audio and MIDI.

My chain is as follows:
IPad -> Apple Lightning-USB Adapter -> USB Hub -> Presonus 1818VSL

(You need a USB hub in there to overcome the iPad’s USB power limitation)

Thank you! Now I know it can be done. Thus is very cool. How is your USB hub powered? Also, what kind is it?
Thanks again!


You don’t need to power the USB hub, just by plugging a USB hub you will be tricking the iPad into supplying more power to it. However I’d still recommend a powered USB hub, just in case you ever need to connect some power hungry device.

So basically any hub will do then. Cool!