Cubasis and UD WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor

Hi Everyone!

I would really need your help guys.
I am using Yamaha UD WL01 USB Wireless LAN adaptor with my Yamaha DGX 660 piano to connect instrument with the iPad Air 2.
It works seamlessly. I can stream audio from my Ipad to DGX and record audio from keyboard to ChordTracker Yamaha’s app. Obviously, UD WL01 Adaptor is capable of sending Audio signal over WiFi to the app so I was wondering if I could use the same adaptor to send audio signal being recorded to an audio track in Cubasis. If this is the case, I would purchase Cubasis in no time.
Some answer would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Hi damir65,

Thanks for your message.

Since Yamaha uses a specific format to stream audio between the devices, direct support with Cubasis is not given as of yet. We might evaluate the topic for a later release.


Thanks LSlowak,

that would be really great and solve all my problems when composing. I need a simple platform like Cubasis just to make ideas recorded as demos for artists. In despite that I own Cubase PRO 8.5 all of that went too much into being computer geek instead being musician. Looking forward guys.