Cubasis Android 3.6 MIDI Clock sync problem


I try to sync my external MIDI gear such as Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 oder Arturia Keystep Pro with Cubasis 3.6 on Android. I’d like to record MIDI with the arpeggiator of these devices.
Send MIDI Clock is activated, I know that Cubasis only works as master, so Novation or Keystep is running in slave mode. BUT: Nothing happens. Pressing Start on Cubasis or changing tempo ---- no results. It seems as if there is no MIDI clock signal being sent…
I don’t know if I have to activate Mackie Control or HUI Mode and to activate MIDI Learn? If so, how can I do it to work properly? The Cubasis Manual is not very useful.
If there would be a proper arpeggiator in Cubasis (not that one in Micrologue) I wouldn’t have to do it with external gear…

In Cubase12 and Ableton 11, there is no problem, sync works fine in slave and master mode.

My gear: Samsung Tablet S7 or Sony Xperia I or Oneplus 11 (OS13) , Cubasis 3.6 (latest version) on android, Launchkey Mini MK3, Arturia keystep pro or other tools with internal arpeggiator

thx for your replies.

Hi @smurftown

Thanks for your message.

MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support in Cubasis can be used, to use your external controller devices together with Cubasis.

Please take a look at our tutorial below to learn more.

In regards to syncing your external devices with Cubasis I suggest to get back to the manufacturers of the devices, since in Cubasis all it takes is to enable MIDI Clock.

Hope that helps.