Cubasis Android - missing drivers

Hi, I have a tablet Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite and I would like to connect it with Steinberg UR22C. The problem is a missing driver for an android. Is there any solution? Thank you for any help :wink:

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Hi @user286,

Thanks for your message.

No drivers are required to use audio devices with iOS and or Android apps.

Instead, simple connecting the audio interfaces with the mobile devices should should work in many cases - especially on iOS. On Android, there are e.g. OTG adapters to connect interfaces with the Android devices.

Important Note:
However, please note that Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility.

Hope that helps nevertheless!

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Thank you very much for a quick answer.

It does work but the sound trough the UR22C is with buzz (in headphones and guitar take during recording as well) but I have not used OTG adapter. I used micro USB to power the UR22C And USB-C cable on both ends.

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Dne po 6. 12. 2021 16:02 uživatel LSlowak via Steinberg Forums <> napsal:

Hi @user286,

Here are some additional tipps:

  • Try a different USB cable
  • Use a very good USB-B to USB-C cable instead of the OTG adapter
  • Quit all apps
  • Restart the device
  • Try both sequences: First start Cubasis, then plug in the UR22C, or vice versa.
  • Update Android
  • Deactivate Setup / Audio / Studio Quality
  • Can the UR22C be selected in Setup / Audio under Output Device and Input Device?

Does this help to resolve the problem?

& stay well,

I would like to very much thank you for your support. All that way really needed was to buy a otg adapter and turn of the Studio Quality And Audio Engine Latency. Now everything seems to work perfectly.

John Mason

Dne út 7. 12. 2021 13:13 uživatel LSlowak via Steinberg Forums <> napsal:

Hi @user286,

Thank you very much for your updated message.
We’re glad to read that everything seems to work perfect now…

Enjoy making music
& stay safe and sound!