Cubasis as mix down capture

I’m thinking about using Cubasis as a tool for receiving 2 track mixes in 96 k basically as a mix down desk from Cubase on my main computer through a mytek convertor and then to Focusrite scarlet interface into iPad/Cubasis.

My questions are:

Is this possible and fairly easy to do?

What is the easiest/best way to get the resulting 96k wave files exported back into my mac without any kind of data compression?

if not, are there better tools for this available for iPad?

I would like to use Cubasis for this so I could also use its creative features when traveling as scratchpad for song ideas

Thanks, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your message.

I do not see any issues, in using Cubasis as a mix down capture for your two track 96 k mixes.
File exchange between the iPad and your Mac computers is easily possible via AirDrop in both directions.

To learn more about Cubasis, please have a look at the wide range of available tutorials and the additional online help:

Hope that helps…

Best wishes,