CUBASIS + Behringer iSTUDIO iS202?

hey! i’m wondering if the app has compatibility with this new dock.
i was going to purchase the Alesis iO Dock but thankfully found out soon enough that it doesn’t support SysEx messages so i think i might be going for the Behringer solution.
any news here?

Hi zednemrock,

Pretty much any audio interface that runs with CoreAudio generic drivers will work with Cubasis. :slight_smile:
Please note that Cubasis doesn’t support SysEx messages at the moment.

Hi So far , i compare I studio is the best with many features , or are they any new hardware ,better ? thanks sm

Hi zednemrock, , does that mean no Midi @ all ??? like if i play a midi synth on the the ipad , it will not wifi sent the midi signal to cubase 6.5 on my PC with win 7 or win 8 x 64 , if i like it thru wifi ??
thanks sm