Cubasis & Bluetooth Numpad

Is it possible to control my Cubasis on my iPad from connected to iPad Bluetooth NumPad, like I easy control my desktop Cubase from usb NumPad - transport and start-stop recording?
Or may be is it possible to use usb-hub with external power and usb camera connection kit for midi keyboard (I use usually Korg Nanokey or Roland A-49) and my usb NumPad? Will it work? And what about they work together to one iPad?

No idea?)
Yes, just now I tested it by myself. But I used wired NumPad. With powered usb- hub.
And it doesn’t work.
No commands are coming in Cubasis and it is not reacting. Sorry.
This is very convenient with my laptop as the external remote control.
Moreover, when I tried to connect the NumPad directly into the Camera Connection Kit USB my iPad Air just crushed and rebooted. As favorite Windows, for a moment turning the blue screen of death)
I think that with Bluetooth NumPad the result will be the same. But I would like, if possible, to have this function to control Cubasis with NumPad in a future release 1.9.
It’s convenient!

Hi Mitikas,

The concept of Cubasis is based on being mobile using only the touch-input of Cubasis to be able to do music with just an iPad everywhere. Adding peripherals (e.g. external keyboards, external mixers, etc.) goes against this concept, so other workflow features (e.g. automation, time-stretch, etc.) have priority.
Anyways, I added your requests to our feature requests list.

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Thank you too much for your attention!
I understand this conception and it’s ok and cool.

I totally agree. But shortcuts should be possible since lots of pros are working with the iPad pro and a Keyboard connected to it. So please provide an Update für working in the iPad pro just like we are used to on a desktop system!


I’m new to Cubasis and was very surprised about the lack of keyboard shortcuts. I really think Steinberg should reconsider this. With the new Pro lineup of iPads with Smart Keyboard cower this makes an very attractive solution. Using a combination of touch, keyboard and pencil is very powerful.

I think Steinberg is looking the wrong way with this attitude, like Cubasis is something I’m supposed to use to create music on the bus or at a park bench with nothing else around. While I agree this is a great use-case, they are really missing our on the vast versatility on iPad based music creation.

I started using Cubasis about a year ago and after a few months COMPLETELY abandoned my high-powered laptop with Cubase and FL Studio, too clunky and inconvenient…

My home studio shop is now centered around a rolling cart with an Alesis IO Mix (4 channel iPad dock with charging capability), into the IO Mix I run a TC vocal processor, my guitar pedal board, DI my bass, and mic/DI one of my guitar amps. I also have a midi keyboard that I use for the odd piano/synth/atmospheric parts. The output of the IO Mix goes into a PA system with a couple of big cabs, or occasionally my studio headphones. All in all it’s a very versatile setup. I also have a Roland TD-11 electronic drum kit hooked into an Alesis IO Dock 2 (has midi and audio input) When I want to track some drums, I just switch the iPad to the other dock.

After I’m done recording a song with guitar, drum, bass, vocals, keys, etc. I just take the iPad and walk away.
I bring it to work and play around with the mix and reverb/compression post processing until it sounds the way I want. Then I hop in my truck and plug the iPad into the audio jack, now I can listen to and tweak my mix a little more while driving to/from work…

I’m super happy with Cubasis and have recorded dozens of complete songs that sound decent due to the studio setup I have, there is no way I’m going back to using a laptop DAW at this point, the tablet age is here!
All I’m really missing in Cubasis is complete MIDI control (learn and transport) and a better way of dealing with multiple takes…


Hi 642Carl,

Thanks for your note.
I’m glad to hear that Cubasis is your DAW of choice to create your music!

Of course, MIDI control is on our list for quite some time, and we plan to keep up updating Cubasis on a regular basis as we did in the past and just recently. However and due to a great number of feature requests, I’m not able to give you a time frame when the feature will become available.