Cubasis controlling external hardware.

Hi I’m looking to purchase Cubasis for the iPad.

Would I be right in saying that I can send Midi notes to hardware synths and record them into the iPad? So I would use the camera connection kit and a USB hub with a usb midi cable and usb audio interface, the midi cable sending notes and an Audio interface capturing the sound sending it back into the iPad in a sort of loop, is this correct?

Am I making things too simple? Also I won’t need Audiobus for external recording?


in general this is possible of course, but it would also depend on you final decision on what gear you will buy in terms of audio interface. Depending on your amount of external synths and need of inputs may I suggest to have a look at our UR interface series as well:

The UR242 or UR 44 :sunglasses:

Thanks and hope to have you with us soon!

Thanks, how many instruments can I control at once, could I have two tracks sending different notes assigned to two midi ports at the same time, record them simultaneously?


Here is the link to the Cubasis product website (including tutorials, feature chart etc.):

Follow this link to have a look at Cubasis’ in-app help explaining all app features:

Hope that helps.


Once you have your track/parts recorded, you can send each to a different midi channel/port no problem.

However you might have troubles controlling multiple channels/devices during the recording process (which might be not be obvious from reading the documentation).

First let me ask you, do you have experience using a desktop DAW for doing something similar?

Hi, you should have no problem doing that.

I use a Presonus 1818VSL plugged to a MIDI patchbay, controlling a bunch of different MIDI devices.
You can use Cubasis to send MIDI info to external devices while at the same time receiving and recording audio from those same devices, or/and others.