Cubasis cycle record

Is there an easy procedure to remove the audio/midi files after you have used cycle mode while recording so that you can only keep the good take?

How do you glue audio parts together?

Thank you

Hi Nu2moro,

Thanks for your message.

Audio Cycle Recording

When activating cycle recording, new audio events are created per cycle.
You’re free to move the recorded events out of the cycle region via tap/move.
To glue single audio events please use Track Freeze.

MIDI Cycle Recording

When activating cycle recording, new MIDI events are added in the same MIDI event.
To separate MIDI events, I suggest to create a track duplicate and to delete unwanted MIDI events.
Another workaround to create single MIDI events in cycle recording is to deactivate/activate “RecEnable” in the track list.
A new MIDI event is created everytime RecEnable is activated again.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks Lars :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Nu2moro.
Hope it helps…