Cubasis doesn't detect the interface on my Chromebook

Hi, I have a Behringer UCA222 USB-interface for Cubasis (version 3.5.2) on my Samsung Chromebook. The interface is detected by the computer, but not by Cubasis. At Output & Input Devices I only can choose between Build-In Speaker/Microphone or (sometimes) Headset.

How can I fix this?

Thank you,
Antti Liukku

Hi Anntiliukku,
I sometimes use this same interface connected to Cubasis3 on my iPad when I am away from home, the speaker and headphones output is disabled on the iPad and I can only use the Behringer headphone out. The sound quality is not that great, but at least it is portable, I normally use my Alesis Multimix 8 (usb).
This probably won’t help you, I just wanted to say the Behringer does work ok in Cubasis 3.

Hi @AnttiLiukku,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

The performance of Cubasis for Android and the available options are strongly related to the devices in use.

Are you able to select the audio device as output and input device in Cubasis?


Lars, problem solved. It turned out to be my Mackie mixer, I didn’t realise that muting the main out also muted the tape out (which is connected to my interface). Strangly at Behringer they said that there interface doesn’t work on Chrome OS, but that seems to be working now all right.

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Hi @AnttiLiukku,

Glad to read you’ve been able to resolve the problem!

Enjoy making music,