Cubasis file management

Hello !

I’m running Cubasis on an iPad Pro 13” the original one.
I need help regarding project, how to successfully save and open a new one.

I can do a recording with audio and midi, no problems there. How do I make sure it is saved ? There’s no button for saving.

Say I’ve done a recording, how do I open previous ones ? I’m using media bay of course. It comes up with a red cross when I put my finger in it.

I’m after good documentation of Cubasis, haven’t been able to find.

Please advice, Ronnie

Took me all day to work this out.

I couldn’t understand what this red cross was, took it as an operation not valid.
To open a project from Media Bay, you need to double tap fast !
I’d suggest to Steinberg, a Save button or Save as… would be grateful to have +
another button to Load Project.

Have a great day everyone!

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for your message.

Similar to other iOS apps, Cubasis projects are automatically saved, making sure nothing gets lost when closing the app.

As mentioned in your second post, projects are created, saved and organized in the MediaBay, which can be reached using the similar named button in the top menu, located to the left.

We might introduce further project saving options at some point in the future.

Best wishes,