Cubasis for Android - Hardware requirements


I was really happy to see Cubasis 3 also available for Android now.

As I planned anyway to buy a new tablet, I checked the hardware requirements to be able to run Cubasis on the new tablet. Finally, I chose the Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019), as all requirements seemed to be met.

Now, I am not able to install Cubasis as it is not compatible to the tablet. Found some comments on this in the playstore review, complaining the tablet not being set compatible (only after I already bought it), despite technical requirements are met. Steinberg comments it would not support 64bit whereas it technical data does. In that case they suggest to test with the device upfront if it is compatible, but how should we do this before buying a new device? Honestly…

Anyone an idea how to het this working on the tablet? Or someone from Steinberg supporting here?



Cubasis requires a 64-bit CPU smartphone or tablet device supporting arm64-v8a ABI, running Android 8 or later.

To check, if Cubasis will run on your smartphone or tablet, please open Cubasis on Google Play with your device.

If the Play Store allows you to purchase the app, it will run on the device that you are using for the purchase. If your device is not compatible, the Play Store will tell you. However, the general performance of the app itself, depends on the performance of the actual device in use.

If Google detects a device which is incompatible with an app offered, the app will not become available for purchase in Google Play.
Unfortunately, this means that your device does not support 64-bits apps, and Cubasis in general.

For more details, please get in touch with the manufacturer of your device.

Hope that helps,

My Samsung Galaxy Tablet does have a Samsung Exynos 7880 chip, according to Samsung this means 64 bit. Still I don’t have the option to install cubasis. Any ideas?

cm900, most likely it doesn’t support arm64 ABI.

this is NOT POSSIBLE if you think of buying new hardware!
how can i check playstore if i doesn’t own the device/tablet!

pls! at least a list of compatible CPUs would really help.

thx in advance :wink:

I’d like to see that too!