Cubasis For Android Screen recording problem

The cubasis Android version has no sound when recording the screen, and there is no sound when watching the video after the recording screen is completed.
Cubasis sound can not be recorded by changing other screen recording software.

My phone Information :
Brand :redmi
Model :k20pro

Hi yepdong,

Thank you for your message.

What screen recording app do you use, and does it work with other audio-related Android apps?

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I am using Xiaomi phone’s own screen recording program, also used screenaz recorder this app, both screen recording applications support internal recording sound, I also selected the screen recording app sound source - internal recording;
But all the same, I also chose the screen recording app’s source of sound - internal recording sound. But after recording the video only the screen has no sound.
(And when the screen recording app works, there is no sound to play the cubass project.)

Hi yepdong,

Please note that our engineering checked the issue, using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro alongside with the Xiaomi Screen Recorder , where things worked fine (including recording audio).

Please give the topic another try, using these settings:

  • Background Audio: off
  • Studio Quality: off
  • Audio Engine Latency: 32ms

In addition, please note that we will release Cubasis 3.2 tomorrow, which might be worth to check out too.


Hello! I adjust it according to your settings, the result is still the same screen recording no sound, look forward to tomorrow’s update will be different events. Thank you very much!!

If you plugged in headphones, try unplugging headphones while screen recording.

I wasn’t using headphones when the screen was recording

Okay. Not sure about Android.

On iOS, I noticed that it doesn’t record audio inside video if headphones are plugged in and I already reported it.

Some Android systems do exist screen recording without sound, look forward to tomorrow’s update!