Cubasis for Android

So I got a brand new Android phone thinking I could run Cubasis. But…OH NO.
It turns out Cubasis only likes certain processors that run arm64-v8a instruction sets.
It turns out my phone runs armeabi-v7a and Cubasis will not install. I am VERY frustrated. Had Steinberg made Cubasis for Androids requirements more clear
I might have chosen a different device. Could someone PLEASE tell me what phones and tablets are to Cubasis’ liking???

Hi @CapnLockheed,

Thanks for your message.

Below please find the links to our available Cubasis for Android articles, which hopefully helps to answer your questions and those of all our users:

Cubasis for Android - FAQ

Cubasis Feature Comparison

Cubasis for Android - Performance Issues | Read This First!

The performance of Cubasis for Android heavily depends on the Android device in use.

We strongly suggest to download the freely available “Cubasis LE 3 Trial” Android app version, which allows to test drive a smaller feature set of Cubasis in a 30 minute demo mode, which can be restarted at any time.

Hope that helps!

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