Cubasis for drummer to play along to MIDI tracks

Hi !
I thinking about buying Cubasis for my iPad but my needs are very limited. I’m wondering if Cubasis can help me or I need expensive Elements (or higher) version.

This is what I’ve got:

  • iPad 3
  • plain PC

This is what I need:

  • got MIDI files from GuitarPro (or anywhere else, doesn’t matter)
  • import MIDI files into project in Cubasis
  • play them with metronome, everything is in time and synchronized properly
  • I can stop playback anytime and start again with metronome pre-counting for X bars
  • nice to have: the ability to change tempo map in MIDI files when some section is to hard for me (too fast)

Maybe later on I would need Cubasis to record something using external mixer or USB Microphone - so far I need features explained above. Is this possible in Cubasis without big hassle ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Bartek,

Thanks for your message.
The usecase described is possible with Cubasis.

Please feel free to browse the available tutorials and/or browser-version of the in-app help to learn more about Cubasis:

Cubasis Tutorials

Cubasis in-app help (browser version)

Best wishes,