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Cubasis for Ipad sounds good to me
because although there would be a tradeoff with screen room and other things, this might be more than compensated by touch screen ability - turning knobs and sliding sliders I am sure would be great vs going for the mouse all the time and hitting keyboard buttons.

Can i get some feedback from people who have used it? I would pretty much only be recording myself so a pretty simple (hardware) interface would be needed.
[I only have a very old version of Cakewalk on my PC (XP) and used cubase years ago when it
was in nappies ( diapers in the US LOL)

I would have to get an Ipad but it sounds like a ripper* to me.
Input please… :slight_smile:

*Australian for “very good” :slight_smile:

Hi rockart,

I leave it to our users to follow your request to rate the app.

If you want to learn more about the features and workflow concept of Cubasis, please find our available tutorials right here:


Hi rockart,

I started on SONAR , then had to switch to ProTools & Logic Pro for a few years for business reasons…however I was curious about Cubasis for iPad early so I downloaded it and tinkered with it from time to time gradually falling in love with it, once Steinberg added AU support I became even more inspired and now Cubasis is all I want to use. It’s delightfully fun yet very powerful.

I would recommend getting the best iPad you can afford, to give you the hardware bandwidth to grow as your Cubasis projects become more and more ambitious.

It’s a conundrum.

I’ve had the feeling for some time that many companies are simply using the platform as a driver, to ‘guide’ users towards their desktop apps.
Look at it this way.
The iPad Pro, it has a CPU that has a ‘ballpark’ performance of a desktop i5 CPU.
There are differences, of a technical nature that warrants a discussion of it’s own.

In the UK, the iPad Pro with 128GB of storage is £800, before apps.
An i5/4GB notebook, from any number of manufacturers can be picked up for half of that.
I would hazard a guess that the abilities of the notebook, to run say, Cubase, any number of VST plugins, channel EQ, compression, etc etc,
Would far outstrip the abilities of Cubasis on the iPad Pro.

So, what’s the problem ?
The OS, the App or the device ?

This actually may not be the case, I’m running lots of plugins on Cubasis on iPad Pro…I haven’t hit a performance wall yet though I’m sure I would if I really tried to hit one. It’s holding up quite favorably with my desktop in terms of real world production. What’s missing is more 3rd party plugin integration which seems to be accelerating this summer. So high hopes for the fall with Cubasis 2.0, AU and iPad Pro

May I ask what AU’s you are using and how many instances at one time ?

Ruismaker, Enkl, Viking, iSem, Bassalicious etc. I’ve gotten up to 17 instances without things slowing down…I’m sure it could have added more…there’s just no musical reason to. So far I have every AU that currently exists (including effects) and in my experimentations it just feels like you can keep adding instances with little consequence

However there are still minor display/refresh bugs in Bassalicious …and I find iSem to be less reliable when it comes to preserving its state between sessions. It’s clearly in need of a stability update. But none of this is related to performance of the iPad Pro…just the early days of AU.

I’ve heard directly about AU plans for a couple of huge sounding instruments that are currently only available to Cubasis via AudioBus/IAA. Once these are released (and provided they are stable) I think the iPad production story will become even more compelling.

Thanks, that’s very interesting, and the first time I’ve heard of anybody running that many.
I wonder if any other iPad Pro users on the forum can compare their experiences in this area ?

I have quite a few Synths/AU’s myself, but I’m mostly interested in iSem.
Like yourself, I’ve found it’s ‘state saving’ to be less than impressive, and until this is resolved is just to painful to use.
For project based applications, this really has to be nailed down.

I’ve been wanting to replace the laptop for live use for several years, and it’s getting tantalisingly close with Cubasis and Auria Pro, but stability is very important.
If only the built in synths could offer a better palette.

Nobody ?
Anybody else using AU’s in Cubasis able to relate their experiences ?