Cubasis for iPhone?

Any chance we see a version of Cubasis for iPhone?

Would love to see it, as there aren’t a lot of DAW options for iPhone.


a similar question has been asked here regarding the iPhone 6 Plus:

an iPhone version is on the agenda but not for the near future.


Any update on the possibility of Cubasis for Iphone?

Hi beatpete,

We carefully monitor future options for Cubasis on a constant basis, including a version for the iPhone.

We could easily rush and release the existing version for the iPhone, which would not make sense in terms of intuitive handling given the smaller display size.

Cubasis on the iPad has a strong focus on usability in supporting our users to capture their song ideas the best and fastest possible way.

Once we have completed to port the concept to work best on smaller display sizes, you will see a handheld release of Cubasis.

Best wishes,

Thanks for the update. It’s just that I have my phone on me all the time and a version of Cubasis would be extremely useful.

Thanx one more time for your answer! :wink: