Cubasis+Garageband+iPad pro 12.9 +Yamaha CP88

I am considering upgrading form my Yamaha CP4 with a wireless MIDI connection to previous version of iPad pro to this set up: Cubasis+Garageband+iPad pro 12.9 +Yamaha CP88+a few other Yamaha apps. Connecting the iPad to CP88 thought USB audio/midi connector cable (using Apple USB to C Connector adapter). Are there any know issues why this would not work effortlessly and without flaws? I have been following this forum and read about problems some users are having with their setups and responses that the problems may be due to flaws with various apps they are using. So I am wondering if I stick to this basic set up if I should encounter any problems. Thanks in advance.

Hi MercedesCP4,

Do you have more details, about the actual use cases you have in mind, in regards to Cubasis and the CP88?


Hi Lars,
I am not personally aware of any problems, only from reading the posts on this forum from others who have had issues with various apps or iOS 13 updates. I think my proposed set up is fairly generic and I should not encounter any issues. However, before spending a large sum on this upgrade, I want to be sure it will all work together flawlessly. Thanks.

Hi MercedesCP4,

So your actual question is, if it is save to upgrade your iPad to iPadOS 13, making sure it all works together?
If so, it might be helpful to add a few of your 3rd party instruments/effects plug-ins app in use, to exchange with other users about their experiences.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Lars for your help. I am using only Cubasis, Garageband and some Yamaha apps.I feel comfortable this will all work well together.