Cubasis has begun not playing all midi notes

I have been downloading midi (multiple track or type [1]) files from and editing them in Cubasis on my 3rd Generation iPad nicely for several months.

Recently I am experiencing intermittent midi note event playback on any of the midi tracks - most noticabley on the bass and drum tracks.

I can see the note in the midi note event editor as the cursor passes over - silence!

The velocity information is good/normal.

If I reduce the number of midi tracks then consistent note playback returns.

I have had no problem, with as many as 18 midi tracks, to-date.

I use this setup to make money professionally…this is nontrivial to me…

Hi basnettd,

Please give it a try to choose a higher polyphony setting in the setup.
Should solve the issue immediately.



I’m having the same problem. What is a ‘polyphonic setting’?

Many thanks

Hi Jones,

In Cubasis, please go to Setup/Audio to find the “Polyphony” setting.
Increasing the chosen value should immediately solve the problem.

Hope that helps,