Cubasis has to many problems

Since I have download cubasis 3 there is been a a time where it didn’t crash or something went wrong.

I am tired…

Can I get my money back because the program isn’t preforming as said.

Hi Hebreww,

Thank you for your message.

Please follow these steps first:

  • Load an empty Cubase project
  • Close all open apps
  • Shut down and restart Cubasis

Once done, please check if Cubasis crashes when using the app on its own.
If things work as expected, keep up adding 3rd party instruments/effects plug-ins.

If you stumble on a problem, please let us know the exact steps how to reproduce it.

In addition, please have a look at our Cubasis 3 performance article, to check if it is of additional help:

Final question:
Did you recently update to iOS 14, and could the issues be related to using 3rd party AU plug-ins in the projects?

If you instead want to see a refund for your app purchase, please get in touch with Apple.

Please keep me updated.