Cubasis, how to change project length, please

cannot change project length, maybe i`m stupid, but cannot find anythinh in the manual. appreciate any tips, regards , frank

Not really understanding the question but are you looking for the “L” and the “R” markers in the thin blue bar above your tracks? :thinking::face_with_peeking_eye:

o.k, i`m helping a friend to set up his cubasis on ipad.
i myself am on cubase desktop.
here i can define a project length, lets say 5 minutes or 200 bars.
if i create a new project on my friends cubasis 3, i get a project with about 1300 bars, which is ridicoulus, because it makes zooming very inconvenient.
i just don’t find a way to setup the project length i want

thanks, frank

Hi zunimoon,
Mmmm :thinking: I’m confused at what you are saying.
If I have a project with 300 bars, all I have to do to get to any particular part is to pinch the screen to minimise the whole display then place my finger and thumb on the area I want to expand and then stretch my fingers apart, very simple, I also trim any track that extends past the end so I know where the actual end is.
Hope this helps🙂

thanks for your answer.
i just looked one more time into the new project i setup.
the lenght is more than 10.000 bars !
zooming is just annoying.

how can i shorten the length of the project ?
how can i tell cubasis from the beginning, how long the project should be?
as i said, in cubase desktop there is a project setup window.
there i can tell cubase exactly, how long the thing should be.
cannot find anything like that in the manual.
if i open this strange project, and its zoomed very wide, it looks like empty, because the 4 minutes test records i did , are barely to see in that hours long project.

Are you zooming with the slider?

But there is no need to go that far, if you only have 100 bars or 500 bars, you can easily and quickly access the area required.
Obviously there are unlimited bars available, but it doesn’t mean you have to scroll that far past your project end. An easy way for fast access the end of the project is to drag the right locator to where you would like to jump to and then tap Fast Forward.
In my photo I have a project that is 133 bars in length, but if it was 233 bars I would still be able to see all of the by pinching the screen until everything is in view, there is definitely no need for me to zoom to infinity just because I can.
I think I speak for all Cubasis 3 users that this system of accessing the beginning/middle/end of a project is acceptable, I have never found it a problem personally :slightly_smiling_face:

do you have such an neverending project, if you create.
i cannot believe that there is no way of create a project lenmgth by myself.
of course you are right about the locators, and the handling , and of course i know how to do.
but i want to see the whole song on the screen from start to end and nothing more, without locators and hassles

I have a project called Bolero by Ravel, it is 341 bars in length and is 12 minutes 45 seconds. As you can see it fills the screen and is rather compact, and without having a proper marker track it is difficult to pin point what section is playing what just by looking at it and if more bars were added, this would only compress the project further, therefore I see no real reason to have the whole project on display whilst editing, it would be far easier to active the Follow tab circled in yellow and follow the song as it plays but with an expanded view…

Hi. Hope I can help you a bit.
I use the empty MIDI track + empty MIDI region.
The length of this region is the length of song + a bit for reverb / delay fade.
When I want to see the whole project length - I do Long Tap on this MIDI region.
After that two Start-End markers automatically set to start / end of that region.

My best friend is “long-tap at some region ” gesture.
When I want to cycle-play some part I do the same but with another region.

Cheers, Roman

Now that is a good idea :+1:

What the OP wants is that when he max zooms out he only sees the pre-set project length
When you manually zoom out to view your project in total its kinda iffy to have it precisely (and looking clean) as your project length, you often have a few millimeters space over or short in the view.

It’s not a biggie but it staggers the workflow a bit when post editting arrangements or variations.
Basically you want to view your project and being able to zoom in quickly to make adjustments and then immediatly zoom to the full project and let it play unto the part where the next adjustment is needed… you dont want to spend extra time tinkeren to have the project nice and neatly shown in totallity. When you are in that flow you dont want to pause to perfect mechanical UI.

Zoom in… edit., and zoom out without having to focus on it.

In Cubase they have a drag bar on the bottom and right side of the screen that allows you to move your project horizontally and vertically without having to touch the lanes, this would be ideal in Cubasis because how many times have you accidentally moved a midi or audio lane across to another lane instead moving the whole screen ? I know I have and it is a real nuisance.

Oh for sure and there are more minor hindernesses but we have to accept touchscreens have limitations and screensizes make it hard to implent big amounts of UI elements.

In this case its more like if you want to paint a painting you dont want an infinite canvas… you want a pre chosen size to compartilize creativity. It’s a finishline to work towards to :partying_face:

I agree with you there. I must admit I have become so used to Cubasis and touch screens, firing my PC up, launching Cubase and performing almost every task using the mouse has become more time consuming. I use a graphics tablet with Cubase most of the time and that saves using a mouse but it does require the use of pressing certain characters on the keyboard at the same time I use my pen for some tasks, so, Cubasis is now my main source for creating music.

BTW, glad to see another living soul here on the forum, I thought I was the only one left lol

:rofl::rofl: prob a lot of ppl wait for a response from Lars

Hi @zinimoon

Cubasis has no option to manually set the project length.

Pinch to zoom above the Arrange Window and/or the track list should work quick and fine to adjust the zoom level of your project.

To get familiar with Cubasis in near to no time, I suggest to check out our available “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial:

Does this help?


I know what you mean but there’s no real need for project length functions. You just pinch and zoom + drag what you need into view. It’s just the way of things on a touchscreen device. You’ll soon get used to it and forget it ever annoyed you.

hi, jamie, thanks for your reply.
does that mean, that there is literally no way to determine a project length ?