Cubasis IAA internal functionality vs Audiobus routing

Hi, I recently decided to focus on creating songs on my iPad with Cubasis as my main DAW. While I have experience on a desktop setup I’m travelling and as such need to adapt to a new workfkow. Much to learn (exciting!) but ofcourse also some (rookie) questions. One or two for now;

I notice often when I try to open an IAA plugin or app Cubasis freezes for a significant while or even crashes. The freeze tends to be longer when I’m adding an IAA while running my project -which in a way makes sense- so it’s less long when I stop playing and then load the app. Still if will freeze often. I know AU is the way to go but I simply have a lot of IAA goodies I want to use so I’m looking for the most convenient way.

I have found loading the plugins in the background before I open them in the project makes a difference but still it’s cumbersome as often I just want to quickly sample a few sounds from different synths but it’s a workaround so okay…

I was wondering though, would it make a difference if I were to use Audiobus to route the synths or FX to Cubasis, would this be less prone to freezing and crashing because of the different working behind the scene so to say. Can someone share some insight on this?

Lastly in the wake of this question, is there a benefit to still have Audiobus when having Cubasis 3? I have Audiobus 2 and am wondering whether it’s worth it to buy Audiobus 3? I’ve read and know about the new functions supporting IAA, AU and the mixer but since I don’t have a fixed workfkow in Cubasis yet I wonder if it’s worth the £9.99 plus learning to incorporate it or would I be better off trying to work in the box?

I mainly do singer-songwriter stuff with acoustic guitar, vocals and a digital piano after which I want to arrange, mix and master the song but I am equally having fun making electronic music using MIDI. I’ve mostly been playing around with Nanostudio 2 for electronic music and a bit of Garageband but can’t really wrap my head around the workflow of the latter feeling more at home in a traditional DAW like Cubasis.

Anyway, for the moment just wondering if there is a difference /improvement to be made regarding my issue with freezing by using Audiobus for IAA and secondly, will it be worth it to buy Audiobus 3 and learn how to integrate that in my Cubasis workfkow or find some use for it sketching out ideas outside of Cubasis and later importing the results in Cubasis?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Hi wishplay,
I found that loading IAA apps in Audiobus works well, but you have to save that setup as a project in Audiobus and consequently you have to launch that project from Audiobus instead of Cubasis.
The only way to successfully use IAA apps is to pre launch them first before attempting to open them in Cubasis. Once you have chosen your IAA to use in your project, go into MEDIA/PROJECTS and rename your project with added abbreviated IAA names ie, Project Title Nv (= Nave), Ws (= iwavestation) etc, so when you next tap the Cubasis app in the future, select Browse, you will then see at a glance what apps to pre launch before launching Cubasis.

I purchased Streetlytron Pro from the App Store a long while back but I couldn’t get it to work inside Cubasis 3 no matter what I did, so I purchased Audiobus3, once launched I selected input as Audio (not MIDI), I selected Streetlytron Pro, then select Output to Cubasis. In Cubasis I selected an audio track, tapped ROUTING/ MONO INPUT and in the drop down box I select Audiobus3. Now I select a midi track, tap ROUTING/NO MIDI OUT and in the drop down box I select Streetlytron Pro and it works as a midi instrument, the good thing is I don’t have to launch Audiobus each time I open this project, the link has been made permanent :+1:
Hope this helps on some way🙂

BTW, if I don’t make sense of what I have written it’s probably because it’s 3.29am here in the uk and I’m :sleeping:

Hi @fixitmania53 . Thanks for your answer. You make perfectly sense btw😉. Going by your example it seems it’s well worth having Audiobus 3 as well. Ten pounds isn’t much to lose sleep over anyway so I guess I’ll just buy it and see where I can use it.

Thanks for confirming the starting of apps outside of Cubasis seems to be a known workaround. I thought it might be related to a lack of power from an older IPAD Air 3.

Hopefully all developers will transition their apps to AU in the near future but for now this should work just fine.

Thanks again!

I hope it all works well for you :slightly_smiling_face:
The main reason why I won’t use Logic Pro for iPads is because it will not allow IAA apps, I have so many that are just incredible- SampleTank,iM1,iwavestation, Nave, Streetlytron Pro just to mention a few.

I remember spending so much time contemplating which DAW to use in my desktop environment it almost paralysed me😉. Everyone has its appeals and disadvantages and -especially when starting out I felt I had to make the ‘right choice’, in effect losing so much time and never committing to one until one day I just decided on Ableton.

I’m so glad Cubasis was the first real iOS DAW that was out there I could relate to after using Nanostudio for electronic music. I didn’t even consider Auria as the GUI of Cubasis makes so much more sense to me. When Logic Pro came along I ofcourse had a quick look (as it was arguably the leading DAW before iOS) but I’ll stick and dedicate to Cubasis now. With both IAA and AU support (sometimes with Audiobus😉) it’s all I need.

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I used Cubase on desktop for around 10 years before I purchased Cubasis on iPad 10 years ago, Cubase has so many brilliant professional features and I expected most of them to be available in Cubasis such as Tempo Track with varying time signatures, a marker track, adjustable Normalise amounts instead of just max or nothing. What I miss most of all is all the plugins I have collected over the years that can only be used with Cubase, but Cubasis 3 is so handy and convenient to use anywhere that I have come to love the apps I now have, especially for writing electronic tracks…

If I can help you in the future I will, just shout :+1:

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