Cubasis IAA not working well on iPad Air

It worked flawlessly on the iPad 4, but it a complete disaster on the iPad Air. Bias won’t work at all. Others like AUFX: Space/Dub work about 50% of the time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the apps and even restored the iPad to factory settings, but nothing helps. All software including iOS are updated to the latest versions. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in GarageBand or Auria. The apps work fine with Cubasis through AudioBus. Also, there is a bug with freezing MIDI tracks that are using IAA. They are sometimes (usually) horribly out of tune after freezing. It always happens with Magellan, but I’ve had it happen at times with SampleTank and others it will work just fine. That issue occurs on every device I’ve tried it on (iPad 4 as well as Air). I’ve had it occur with mix downs as well.

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Is not reproducable here, please can you send us an detailed step by step description.

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This morning I saw there was an update for Cubasis. I downloaded it and immediately tried loading Bias as an effect on an audio track. It worked perfectly. On the previous version it would either give me an error or it would appear to load but the audio from that track would be silenced as long as Bias was active.

Actually I spoke too soon. I tried to use it last night and it’s still not working. open bias in insert effects and all audio stops (even the other tracks that aren’t using effects) until I remove bias. It’s so strange because I never had a problem doing the same thing on the iPad 4. At least there is audiobus, that still works great…

Same here. Bias is a phantastic guitar app but it doesnt works with cubasis. After select it as an input effect the audio is silence. No signal in Bias. Sometimes it works but the most time it doesnt!! whats the reason?

Same here on ipad air bias mutes the track

Same here - have very little success with Bias + Cubasis (latest) on an iPad Air.
But I also have had intermittent problems with Bias on its own and when used with Garage Band.
This iPad Air has very few other apps installed. Bias is amazing sounding but there is work to be done on stability.