Cubasis IC pro is a rip off

Well if you got android 5 (lollipop) it wont even work anymore (and customer service seems like doin nothing after 1 year and many complaints)…
Plus the thing was lacking so much functions, no clipping meter…cant even use the bar/beats snapping…

I RECOMMAND NOT TO BUY IT (especially with android 5 as it simply wont work at all)

Hi NoMad92,

Please follow this link to get more information about the available public beta version of Cubase iC Pro For Android for Android 5.0 / Lollipop:


Tried with no luck as its making my cubase to randomly crash

And I saw the “discontinued product”, so like I said A RIP OFF!!!

Where’s the refund or commercial move to unpleased customers???

Hi NoMad,

The beta version has been sucessfully tested several months by us and lots of users.
Please provide me with the crash report and a step by step description via PM so we can evaluate the issue.


I dont want to try and try to make a thing works if you discontinued the product…so no i wont use time to try and try and try till I can rely on my cubase to not randomly crash…(plus the app in chrome on phone isnt as nice as the app before)

so no i’d rather get a refund, or gettint a nice commercial move (now i see it wil lnever happen, and i’m really disapointed by Steinberg there…not sure if i’ll ever invest money again here !!!)
If you can’t get customers to be satisfied, they will go see if the herb is greener somewhere else!

really really really disapointed by the “we discontinued the product, have fun spending money on us so we can just
discontinue some products…and use “our high standards” as an excuse” !!!

One day cubase wont work anymore on, say, windows 12, and what customers will think? that you’ll discontinue the product cause its easier than workin on it and please alreadypaid customers!!!

really really disapointed by your move ! (so i still stick to my "cubase IC on android is a RIP OFF)


… discontinued …

do not compute!!

AHAHAHAHAH do not try to understand when they use excuses to say “we dont know how to program on Android, and we wont pay external ppl to do it…sothe beta is ok, but we"ll stop that product”

That’s way easier to abandon the app than to work on it to work properly !!!..(I believe they only plan on getting money from iOS users, they know how to give money for notsomuchupdating updates!)