CUBASIS in a live setup

I’ve purchased CUBASIS for my Ipad Air some time ago, but haven’t used it yet.
I’ve been rehearsing with a new 6 piece band recently and I’m thinking about the capability of CUBASIS to run a simplified live setup. I’m a keyboard player and vocalist.

My idea:
HARDWARE: IPAD AIR With CUBASIS + ORLA KEYJAM HAMMER (Double-manual organ/piano controller) + iConnectivity iConnectAudio4+ + Eventide H9 + microphone.

SOFWARE: Ipad Apps: Cubasis; Animoog; Arturia iSem; Thor; Magellan; Korg Gadget; SynthMaster Player; DM1; Neo-Soul Keys; iGrand; Galileo; MKSensation.

Now, the maximum patches I would need to run simultaneously on a song (layered or split) would be 4.

Question: Can I use CUBASIS in the way I would use MAINSTAGE on a Mac? Can I play live instruments over an audio file that contains pre-recorded elements? Can I integrate a track with my microphone live? Can CUBASIS save and recall a whole setup of apps and controllers when I select a new song? How is MIDI handled? Do I need other apps to handle Midi flows?

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you.

I’ve tried a similar setup.
The problems came with the synths, as I prefer Arturia iSem, I had to depend on inter-app audio and it did not go well.
Trying to create a reliable setup recall using external apps is not the way to go, hence why the desktop apps use VST or AU.
As soon as the IOS AU system is available in Cubasis I will try again, not before.

I’m helping my keyboard player set up his brand new ipad pro in order to port to it to access more keyboard sounds than he has currently through his two keyboards.

I’ve got two keys coming out midi via a Roland UM-One into a powered USB hub, into the camera adaptor into the new IP Pro.

He’d like to be able to designate separate midi channels to play new sounds on the IPad in real time live.

… and be able to load songs, on occasion, where the synth setups will lock in and make it quick and simple to go.

Can Cubasis be used in this type of application?

Threlly – you indicated that things did not go well with the synths. What did not go well? What happened. He’s not a tech kind of guy … so I need a rock solid simple stupid setup for him.

Thanks in advance!


The setup consisted of Cubasis running some backing parts and triggering two external synths via IAA.
No matter what order the apps are loaded and projects recalled, the communication between Cubasis and the Arturia apps is very unreliable.
I place the blame firmly in IAA’s camp, if the projects only use Micrologue or the other internal voices then (known bugs and iffy timing aside) they worked relatively reliably.

This is why I cannot use Cubasis as a serious tool until AU functionality arrives.
I’m not interested in desktop apps, so I need a professional tool for the iPad platform.
At the moment, that is in the hands of the devs for Cubasis and Auria Pro.
I’m watching them both very carefully.