Cubasis integration with Cubase

Looking at getting Cubasis on an iPad mini, and have a few questions.

I think one of the most appealing aspects of Cubasis is that projects can be imported in Cubase. How are people finding this in practice? Do all the onboard sounds in Cubasis open the same in Cubase (thinking of Micrologue and the Sonic sounds)? How about audiobus stuff?

Ideally, my workflow would be to start a project in Cubasis, then actually merge this into an existing larger Cubase template on the desktop machine (rather than just opening the same session in Cubase). Any workflow tips for this?

Thanks in advance.

In general, the first step is to to transfer your Cubasis project to the computer (the app provides several options to support you with this task).

The Cubasis Importer extension available for Cubase lets you then import the projects into Cubase. Micrologue and Micro Sonic tracks will be re-routed to Retrologue and HALion Sonic (given you’re equipped with these instruments), presets will be matched. Same for effects and/or automation and Midi CC settings of other tracks.

IAA tracks will have to be freezed first in order to have them appear as an audio track in Cubase, else these will appear as MIDI tracks that can be routed to an instrument manually at your wish. Audiobus tracks will be treated as regular audio tracks obviously.

Depending on your Cubasis project expect that further tweaks might be required in Cubase. Nevertheless the Cubase Project Importer solution comes in handy to start something in Cubasis and to polish it up in Cubase afterwards.

Hope that helps…

That does help, thanks very much Lars.