Cubasis iOS 11 Compatibility

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Cubasis 2.2. and Cubasis LE 2.2 have been tested and proven compatible with the latest available iOS 11 Golden Master and official release version by Apple.

When using instrument and/or effect apps from other vendors that are incompatible with iOS 11, this can lead to Cubasis stability problems or other issues, that are unrelated to Cubasis.

If you encounter issues in that area, we recommend to get in touch with the app manufacturer directly.

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Hi, I am using an iPad Air2, and I noticed a dramatic performance drop after I moved to ios 11. The project I was working on (using Ruismaker and iSem as AU) used to play back nicely with 60-80% CPU usage under ios 10 (lowest latency); but with ios 11 it wouldn’t play back properly even with the high latency setting. Restarting the app or even the iPad didn’t make a difference.
I have since then gone back ios 10.

Hi Devvy,

Thanks for your message.

Interesting to know would be, if you’ve experienced a performance change using Cubasis by itself on iOS 11.
As stated earlier, please make sure to let the instrument app developers know about the experience.


I understand what you mean. It takes me too much time to try again (which would involve some lengthy backup restores), I’ll keep it on 10.3.3 until I really have a need for the upgrade. Then I’ll do a proper comparison again.
By the way, the CPU already peaked in the beginning of the project, where I don’t use the AUs yet. But they were of course loaded in memory already.

Thanks for the immediate reply.
In any case, please make sure to let the third party app instrument developers know about your experience.


I see your response that “Cubasis has been tested and proven compatible with iOS 11” for what it’s worth if you care I’m truly disappointed with the performance on my setup. I have a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9” with 200GB free space running iOS 11.0.1 and Cubasis is practically worthless now. Literally dozens of projects totaling 100’s of hours of work that ran well prior to the update are now completely unusable. As soon as a project is loaded the CPU meter spikes at 99% and any attempt at playback is more crackles, hisses, & pops than music playback. I have tested the synth, drum machine, and effects apps running independently and with Auria Pro & they function without issue. If there is an intended fix in the works please advise otherwise I will need to pursue other avenues in expressing my craft. Thank you!


Thanks for your message.
I’m sorry to hear about your issues, that we haven’t seen at our end so far.

In the Audiobus forum there are several topics in regards to issues related to Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 2017 model.
It seems that there are a bunch of users struggling with the device in use with several instrument and DAW apps:

Also, does your projects include 3rd party instrument or effect apps that could cause the problem and require to be updated to be iOS 11?

Please get in touch with Apple regarding the issues and let me know about the results.

Hope that helps.

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Does Cubasis support the File App, see attached video how the file app is used with REMIXLIVE app.

would be great … for the build in Sampler as well ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

As of yet, Apple’s Files app is not supported by Cubasis.


Just to let you know I upgraded to 11.2 now, and the issue I had with cpu peaking is gone.