Cubasis iOS 12 Compatability

Hey all and mods…

So today I upgraded to iOS 12 GM and Cubasis has an issue with an existing project that I have. The issue is that it simply won’t play. The play head doesn’t even move. This is a big project with 37 tracks in it. It worked fine prior to upgrade. Luckily I’ve paused work on this track momentarily as mix down and mastering is next. It actually also won’t let me mix down as it just crashes. I’ve reinstalled Cubasis and loaded the Project again and it worked again for like a half hour and then the same thing happens. Again, only for this large project.

The funny thing is that when I load a more simple file or start a new one it seems to work just fine, so far anyway.

Anyone else have issues?


Ps. I’m very available and willing to beta test if needed! I’ve got lots of experience with Cubasis. :blush:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your message.
We’re in preparation of the next Cubasis update, where iOS 12 testings are involved and look great so far.

Are you able to share the project via DropBox or similar with us?
If so, please send me the download link via private message.


Sent Lars, thank you!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your immediate feedback and for providing the project file.

The project file loads and plays back fine here, but we’re not equipped with all external apps used in the project.
I’d expect the large number of external apps results in a high system load that leads to the problem.

Using track freeze would be recommended to easily solve the issue. In this regard, I’d suggest to uncheck the “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” option, located under Setup/Arranger. This option lets you unfreeze tracks without losing the frozen audio track.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.

Additionally, please provide me with the crash report, to share all information and files with our engineering.


I just love this reply…can’t wait to see what the next update brings :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

This happens where there is not enough memory to handle all the plugins. They crash internally and produce no sound and also, when we open the plugin windows, they are blank. The new projects you are able to create and use without issues may not have as many plugins added as you did to the previous project of 37 tracks and hence not crashing.

We thought iOS 12 is a clean-up version that would bring back some lost performance of iOS 11 but apparently, projects that were working fine on iOS 11 are maxing out of memory on iOS 12 and crashing.

It was the exact same project where it played fine in ios11 but not in 12.

Regardless, finally figured out it was specific maker of apps (audio damage) that was causing the issue. Any instance of an app by then in the project and it wouldn’t play or barely did. After I got rid of them, back to normal.

Hi carbonchris,

Thanks for the message and update.

It would be great if you could share the information with our friends at Audio Damage.
We’re always at hand to exchange with them if required.


Ive let them know, Lars. Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks Chris, please keep us updated about your result!