Cubasis IOS and Synth Distortion

Hey I dont know where to post this so here it is.

I have synth distortion on MIXDOWN issues between Sunrizer IOS SYNTH and Cubasis.

I absolutely adore your SUNRIZER for IOS. But I have a problem:

  • iPad Pro 128GB version 9.3.1
  • Sunrizer latest build
  • Cubasis latest build

Basically I start a MIDI channel in Cubasis and connect SUNRIZER as an instrument. Then freezing the track results in horrible digital distortion and the wave form basically smashes the track in graph format. I suspect this is a sample issue. If I set sampling as 256 in Sunrizer (I think that is what Cubasis needs, but am unsure) it changes to other numbers maybe 128 or 512 and can not be set back manually within the session.

Is it sample setting related or am i missing something else? Is there a master volume output that might be an issue? I tried adjusting GAIN setting in Sunrizer but no change. The Sunrizer instrument sounds wonderful natively in Cubasis but I can not export an audio file without the horrible distortion occurring.