Cubasis IOS Waves Real Time Autotune Latency


Brand new to Cubasis and purchased it to use with a live band with Waves Real Time Autotune on an iPad. I have everything hooked up and signals from my XR18 Behringer mixer working but there is quite a of latency. I have latency set to 1.5ms in the settings but there is an audible delay.

Anyone else with this issue or suggestions?

There will always be a latency
You are processing a sound
It’s almost impossible to do this without a noticable latency.

This is one of the reasons I’m using a console to record myself. But that won’t help you with auto tune.

First it has to listen and than process and output. If you want to use auto tune live a real hardware solution will the only solution .

Or give the Singer a monitor feed that’s without processing and send the processed signal to the audience.

Hi @Gilbert_Liddell,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Normally, it should work fine to use the Waves plug-ins within Cubasis.

Please give it a try to use the Tune RT plug-in not having the Behringer device connected.
Here it should work to connect a simple headphone. A simple project with no additional effects should work best.

Please let me know about your results.


Hey, thanks for the response. So if i disconnect from the XR18, how do I get audio into the ipad without a soundcard attached?

Is this plugin deigned to be used with live vocals or recorded vocals, i thought it was for live vocals and therefore if we’re saying there will always be unusable latency then maybe it shouldn’t be marketed for real time autotune.


Hi @Gilbert_Liddell,

Simply give it a short check to record a vocal using the mic.
Just recommend this simple test, to find out if the problem is related elsewhere in your setup.

Hope that helps!