Cubasis Ipad air 2 CPU issue


I’m using Cubasis on an Ipad air 2 ios 10.0.2.

Only 1 audio track on cubasis with 1 IAA app (e.g. Borderlands granular) and 1 IAA effect (e.g. Klevgrand vandelay) and the CPU meter is already at 50%. When i switch from app to app i can see the CPU spiking at 100% and can hear some glitches, pop.

I tried every advices i saw on the forum (reboot ipad, refresh ram, turned of notification, airplane mode, wifi, reinstall apps, etc…) but same issue.

I need your help.


Hi Actuel Virtuel,

Not being equipped with both apps, it might be possible that both of them require to much CPU itself.

Please get in touch with the individual app developers to inform them about the issue.
I’m at hand to support them with Cubasis versions if required.


Hi Lars,

The problem occur with Klevgrand apps. I guess they are not optimized.


Hi Actuel,

I’d suggest to get in touch with Klevgrand regarding the issue.
If required, I’m at hand to provide them with a Cubasis version for testing purposes.

Please keep me informed.