Cubasis/Ipad and Alesis IO dock stabililty for live playback


Steinberg support in Canada suggested I use this forum to get answers to my questions regarding the above subject. Many thanks for your feedback in advance.

I am an amateur musician scheduled to play 3-4 songs at a wedding in the Bahamas next weekend. I am hoping to compile/produce Cubase 7 using midi tracks for primarily synth sounds, audio tracks for guitar and backup vocals. I will play bass and we will have a live drummer and singer/s. I would prefer to play back Cubase live so that I could have a queue for where we are in the song at any time however a couple musicians/employees I spoke to at music stores in Canada suggested playing back is very risky particularly in a PC due to latency/computer crash/freeze risks. Another musician who uses Cubase indicated that Cubasis on an Ipad with an Alesis IO docking station is a very portable and stable solution…I am thinking of going that route so my specific questions are as follows:

(1) Does anyone have experience using the same platform? Can they confirm/deny that it is the way to go?

(2) Cubase 7 has a very decent array of VSTs. I am able to import the same functionality into Cubasis so that I don’t lose anything.

(3) I realize that I can convert the Cubase 7 cpr file into a wav or another type of audio file but I would really like to see the tracks so that I can gauge where we are in the performance…is it possible to playback using Cubase or Cubasis but in a full audio format?


I have an iPad 2 and we’ve had the issue you’ve mentioned regarding latency when recording… However, playback to something already recorded seems to be fine… but always have a back up plan… just in case… it’s not like Alesis is actively working toward compatibility issues…