Cubasis iPad - Cubase Artist 9 Win10

Hallo Team Steinberg,
I have Cubase Artist 9 on a Laptop from Dell with Windows 10. This works very good. Now I want Cubasis 2 and an IPad 2017 with 128 GB, WLAN and Bluetooth. Need I also LTE or is it useless for working with Cubasis 2. Also I want to know if I can make Songs with Cubasis 2 and transfer it to my Cubase Artist 9 und back. Is this possible?
Thanks for an answer.

Hi micschroth,

Thanks for your message.

A current iPad device equipped with 128 GB will be perfect to run Cubasis, LTE is not required to run the app.

Cubasis projects can be imported with Cubase via the available Cubasis project importer extension.
Cubasis also allows to import audio and MIDI files, but does not provide a dedicate Cubase project file import function.
Here is a short tutorial that explains the process how to import Cubasis projects into Cubase:

Below please find a few links to learn more about Cubasis.

Cubasis 2 website

Cubasis - Official tutorials & teasers

We hope to welcome you as a Cubasis user soon!


Hi Lars,
thank you for These informations - I think in the next days I buy this iPad and Cubasis
Best wishes