Cubasis: iPad pro 2017 vs iPad 2018; transferring to Cubase on PC


I’m thinking of getting Cubasis for iPad but can’t find much info on if the 2017 Pro is super-significantly better than the new iPad 2018, which isn’t a Pro.

Obviously the Pro has more RAM and apparently is faster, but has anyone any opinions about how significant this is.

I plan to use the iPad as a late night or beach side basic recording tool (Novation Launchkey Mini for synths and beats, and IK Multimedia iRig IN/OUT and Amplitube IOS for guitars but also some basic vocals) and then upload the tracks as a bunch of WAV files to Cubase AI or Live Intro, ON A PC. Does anyone do this or know anything? Info is hard to find.

The PC thing kinda important because I can’t afford a MacBook Pro.

So, what is any significant difference? I’m looking at maximum of 8 midi and a few audio tracks.

Also if it’s not compatible with Windows (in this case 7 or 8, not 10) then I’ll have to mix the lot on iPad but that is the worst case scenario.

Please tell me what you think. iPad stuff will always be secondary to PC precision and more tracks and samples (Halion for instance) but in your view, what’s the most smart way to do this. I’ve never used IOS before.

Cheers everyone, in advance


Most of the intensive stuff