Cubasis & iSpark


Is it possible to sync ISpark and Cubasis?

I am able to record MIDI notes in Cubasis and have them played back on ISpark. But I would like to start playing a song in Cubasis and have ISpark playback a pre-programmed ISpark song.

I’ve been able to get ISpark to start - but it only plays (and repeats) one pattern.

I have also tried using Audiobus but still no success.

Many thanks,


Hi Mark,

From what I see, iSpark from our friends at Arturia offers Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and MIDI clock.
Normally one of these options should do the job.

Since you’ve been able to start iSpark, could a wrong playback setting in the app be the reason why it does not work?
Might make sense to explain the topic to the guys at Arturia also.


I know this question should mainly be put in the Arturia forum, but their iSpark forum is virtually dead, with a minimum of users frquenting it and nearly no one bothering to anser any questions.

So this forum is my only hope to solve the following problem:
I use iSpark with interapp midi on a Cubasis midi track, Cubasis midi input set to “all midi in” for getting any iSpark input from it’s midi patterns while a pattern is playing. But I get no recorded midi notes from iSpark.

My aim is to get the midi patterns recorded and edited in Cubasis and played back from there with iSpark as output, and later, after importing a Cubasis project into my Cubase 8.5 DAW, play back the iSpark midi tracks with Spark 2 (I use identical instruments and kits with Spark2 and iSpark).

Any hint is welcome.

Forwarded the topic to our friends at Arturia!


Thanks for doing so, Lars!

IF they will react, would you post that here?

Spark2 in connection with iSPark is a fantastic combination, despite some minor hickups, just like Cubasis and Cubase work well together. It allows recording on the fly with the iPad and leightweight controllers (Korg Microkey Air and Spark LE into Cubasis in my case), and then getting the results into Cubase/Spark2 on PC for serious editing. Since Spark2 it has been possible to export ALL my Spark projects to the iPad folder structure, which would principally allow a perfect 1:1 iPad/PC collaboration.

As soon as it all really works, it has very high everday music making usability within the Cubasis->Cubase workflow.

Sure I will …

Hi Mark,

Please find the feedback from our friends at Arturia below:
“While iSpark playbacks MIDI notes send via IAA or CoreMIDI, it does not send out live MIDI when it plays its internal patterns. To my knowledge that is more a product decision than a technical restriction of Spark in general.”

Please get in touch with Arturia directly for more details / additional questions.


That’s a heavy workflow limitation by Arturia, and quite a disappointing one. It doesn’t make any bit of sense as business decision to me either, because the same midi patterns are available for simple drag & drop on the PC VSTi. So it just blocks iPad user workflow without giving Arturia any advantage.


I’d suggest to let Arturia about your feature request directly.