Cubasis keeps crashing after long recording

Today Cubasis crashed multiple times.
I did a long recording session for about 3 hours with one stereo track, one mono track and a midi track.
After stopping the recording cubasis crashed and when opening the app again it crashed again.
After a few times, Cubasis complained about not having enough memory. I have a iPad 4 with 32 GB.
Finally I was able to open the app but it could not load the project and opened a new project instead.
A quick view in the trash folder revealed that the app created multiple copies of my recorded audio files (each of around 1.7 GB).
It seems that when Cubasis crashed, it created multiple copies in the trash folder again and again thereby increasing the space usage on my iPad and running into low memory.
Looking at my iPad usage screen it showed that Cubasis was now using more then 25 GB.

Fortunately I was able to backup my trash folder using iTunes and save my recordings although I lost my midi track recording. I deleted the trash folder (after making a backup on my PC) using iTunes to make sure I have 15 GB extra space again.

Now I tried to open Cubasis and it keeps crashing. Please help…
I CANNOT OPEN CUBASIS ANYMORE since it keeps crashing.
I guess I will have to backup and delete my Cubasis folders in iTunes and start clean again.
I already posted my crash logs here:


thank you for your report. I am sorry that you are having trouble with Cubasis. I have forwarded your crash report and hope that we are able to spot the cause of your issue quickly.

Kind regards,


could you provide us some additional information about your issues? We would like to know:

  • whether you also found duplicated of your audio files within the audio folder
  • whether you deleted a lot of audio events or audio tracks
  • whether you recorded in cycle mode

Thank you for your help and kind regards,

Hi Frieder,

  • If I remember correctly, the audio files were also in the audio folder during the first crash.
    However now that I copied all my folders using iTunes I can confirm that they are not in the audio folder anymore.

  • I did not delete any audio event or track. Nor did I record in cycle more.
    I simply recorded a live event for almost 3 hours and when pressing the stop button it crashed and kept crashing afterwards.

I recently ought cubasis and have a new iPad. I have been having crashing issues as well. Was you problem ever resolved? All I’ve been doing is trying to write a midi drum program and it keeps crashing and then deleting the midi track info but the project is still in my project folder with nothing on it?

Thanksfully I have never had the crashing problem again after the 1.5 update.
Maybe you can post your crash logs and I am sure that the developers will investigate your issue quickly.