Cubasis LE 1.9.9 update available

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This update adds new compatible hardware devices to unlock the LE feature set and includes several improvements and bug fixes.

For the list of compatible hardware devices, please visit

Cubasis LE 1.9.9 - What’s New

Please note that some of the improvements and fixes listed affect features that are only available in the full feature set version of Cubasis LE (available through in-app purchase)

New compatible hardware devices added to unlock the Cubasis LE feature set
CB-2938 Projects that contain MIDI tracks assigned to “no instrument” can now be loaded as expected.
CB-2752 Audio Unit extension preset support for instruments and effects.
CB-1282 MIDI port mappings are now properly saved with the project.
CB-2970 Resolves a random issue where undo/redo leads to multiple unexpected changes.
CB-2587 Fixes a problem where noise can appear when recording audio tracks.
CB-2861 Resolves a problem where the MIDI port routing gets mixed up when MIDI apps are opened or closed.
CB-2681 MIDI over Bluetooth connection no longer gets lost while MIDI data is being transmitted.
CB-2915 AU track renamings are now properly saved with the project.
CB-2894 Fixes a problem where Inter-App Audio effects connections can get lost when effects are not active.
CB-3000 Fixes an intermittent problem where loading of an AU instrument or effect failed.
CB-2923 Resolves a problem where the user interface of an AU instrument is not properly updated when being reloaded.
CB-2979 Undo of deleting a frozen track is now possible with a single tap.

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