Cubasis LE 2.2 available

Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Cubasis LE 2.2.

New features in Cubasis LE 2.2
• Classic Machines (in-app purchase) — Refill Cubasis with the unmistakable sounds of the ten most wanted iconic drum machines of the ’80s
• Note repeat — Program beats and chords the easiest way
• Track duplicate — Simply tap a button to create exact track copies
• Cubasis reset option — Flick a switch to solve unexpected issues on the fly

Best wishes,

Cubasis LE 2.2 Maintenance

Some of the improvements listed below might only affect features that are available in the full feature set in-app purchase.

Further Improvements
CB-3710 Audiobus SDK updated to the latest version 3.0.
CB-3409 Real-time mixdown and freeze option added to setup.

Audio Unit, Audiobus 3
CB-3706 Cubasis projects are no longer limited to 44.1kHz when the app is being connected to Audiobus 3.
CB-3720 Solves a potential stability issue when instantiating or unloading Audio Unit instruments or effects apps.
CB-3717 Solves a problem where Audio Unit instances are unloaded under certain circumstances.
CB-3656 Solves a rare problem where performing track freeze or mixdown during Inter-App Audio or Audio Unit loading can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-3765 Solves a problem where assigning several Audio Unit instruments in rotation can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-3697 Opening Audiobus apps via its corresponding track icon in the track list now works as expected.

MIDI, Instruments
CB-3659 Solves a rare issue where double tapping the rewind buttons does not result in locating the playhead at left locator position.
CB-3724 Resolves a problem where short overlaying note events remain unselectable in the MIDI editor.
CB-3759 Solves a problem where the on-board keyboard range is not updated properly when selecting a track.
CB-3707 Fixes a rare cosmetically issue that can appear when resizing the on-board keyboard.
CB-3794 Glueing overlapping MIDI events in the arranger window no longer result in shortened events.
CB-3768 Solves a problem where tapping similar named instrument presets can lead to unwanted instrument loading results.