Cubasis LE 2.3 and Waves Plug-in IAP available

Please note that a supported hardware device is required to unlock the feature set of Cubasis LE (unless unlocked Cubasis LE runs in demo mode).
Please visit for more details

Dear all,‬

‪We are very pleased to announce the availability of Cubasis LE 2.‬3 and Waves Plug-in in-app purchases‪.‬
Below please find all details regarding the latest update, version 2.3.

Please note that you’re able to grab the Cubasis LE full feature in-app purchase at 50% off, and save big time on other in-app purchases until Dec 5, 2017!

Some of the features and improvements stated below require the full feature set in-app purchase option.


The update, version 2.3, adds new compatible devices for unlocking the Cubasis LE feature set. For a complete list of compatible hardware devices, please visit

New features in Cubasis LE 2.3
• 25th year anniversary Waves plug-in in-app purchases — Extend Cubasis LE with exclusive award-winning Waves plug-ins
• Waves AudioTrack Channel Strip (in-app purchase) — Get a mixing console’s channel strip including compression, EQ and gating in one convenient, intuitive plug-in*
• Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (in-app purchase) — Make your tracks sound professional, with proper loudness levels that will let them stand out*
• Waves Q10 Equalizer (in-app purchase) — Use the pro’s first choice and enjoy surgically precise equalization for mixing your tracks*
• Waves Plug-in Bundle — Polish your tracks to perfection with three all-time classic plug-ins from Waves*
• Cubasis effect user presets — Create your own effect presets with the simple touch of a button
• Cubasis LE effects factory presets — Choose a preset to instantly achieve perfect sounding results for any track
• More than 70 FX Pack factory presets — Infuse new life into your FX Pack effects with this massive preset library**
• Maintenance and improvements — For a complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please visit us at:

New features in Cubasis full feature set IAP
• Audio Unit automation — Record subtle parameter changes from your favorite AU instrument and effect apps on the fly***
• Audio Unit user presets — Easily load and save your favorite AU presets

We hope you find the latest feature additions useful.
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*This in-app purchase requires iPad 4 or higher, iPad mini 2 or higher models.
**To make use of the free presets, FX Pack 1 and/or FX Pack 2 have to be purchased via in-app purchase.
***Audio Unit and Waves plug-in (in-app purchase) automation requires iOS 10 or higher.