Cubasis LE 2.5 and summer sale available

Dear all,

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 2.5 and Cubasis LE 2.5, adding long-term user-requested features and enhancements.

Cubasis LE 2.5
Cubasis LE 2.5 comes with true native-resolution support for iPad Pro 10.5” and 12.9” devices, delivering tack sharp and detailed graphics and text alongside a considerable increase in the number of tracks visible within the arranger and mixer and much more…

Cubasis Hello Summer Sales
Also today, the Cubasis Full Feature Set IAP and the Waves Plug-in Bundle come at 50% off, while there are attractive price offers for all remaining in-app purchases likewise. The Cubasis Hello Summer Sales offer runs until July 10, 2018.

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Now we hope you enjoy Cubasis 2.5…


Cubasis Hello Summer Sales (ends July 10, 2018)

Cubasis 2 $24.99/27.99€ (Reg. $49.99/54.99€)
Cubasis LE Full Feature Set IAP $14.99/16.99€ (Reg. $29.99/32.99€)
Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP $9.99/10.99€ (Reg. $19.99/21.99€)
Classic Machines IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
FX Pack 1 IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
FX Pack 2 IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)

New features in Cubasis LE 2.5

Native Resolution Support for iPad Pro 10.5′′ and 12.9′′:
Enjoy razor-sharp graphics and text, paired with substantial workflow improvements and much more!

Maintenance and improvements:
Cubasis LE 2.5 includes several user-requested improvements to provide best possible performance paired with utmost stability.

New features in the Cubasis full feature set IAP

Freely assignable effect slots:
Use the pre-loaded award-winning channel strip and StudioEQ effects, or simply tap to replace them with other effects of your choice. And give your sound a good polish, utilizing the five assignable insert plug-ins per track.

MediaBay multiple file import:*
Cubasis provides excellent and unmatched usability, helping you to capture your inspirations right there on the go. To speed up your workflow even more, Cubasis 2.5 allows to import multiple files at once, thanks to its revised Files import feature available in the MediaBay.

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*MediaBay multiple file import requires iOS 11.

Cubasis 2.5 Version History

Some improvements might affect features available in the Cubasis Full Feature Set in-app purchase only

CB-4393 Channel strip plug-in is now available in every insert, send and master effect slot.
CB-4303 Audiobus SDK has been updated to version 3.0.4.
CB-4483 Having “Background Audio” enabled no longer leads to battery drain, while Cubasis is running and the iPad goes to sleep mode.
CB-4431 Choosing available M4A bitrates now works as expected again.
CB-4187 Solves a problem, where renamed AU tracks are not correctly remembered when reloading a project.
CB-4391 Addresses a serious issue, where pasting audio events could lead to lost audio files.
CB-3761 Resetting time stretch no longer leads to overlapping attack/release lines.
CB-4283 Solves a problem with incorrect mute status when duplicating a muted audio track.