Cubasis LE 3.x strongly stripped of features???

For some small private projects/training I was using the Cubasis LE on iPad with some plugins.
I was excited by the announcement of Cubasis LE version 3 with the iPhone support and hoping it will also solve many problems I had in version LE 2.

After the last fix upgrade I installed and tried the LE version 3.1 and had rather a big disappointment.

The features in LE 3.x seem to be strongly limited compared to 2.x.
No more import from File, M4A bitrate reduced to the minimum.
I stopped there with the test as these only are enough to put me off.

I was really considering to buy the full version but such marketing strategy is at least annoying.
Will stay with 2.x and possibly switch to a different product.

Or am I just testing it wrongly?

Hi rbabota,

The limitations between Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 should be comparable.
Instead, V3 adds iPhone support and more.


Ok, thank you, then I will do another test of all settings.

Thanks rbabota!


Hi Lars,

I checked again some of the Project settings:

…LE 2.x…LE 3.1
Import from File…Yes…No
Import from Dropbox…Yes…No
Export to File…Yes…No
Export to Dropbox…Yes…No
M4A Rate…Unlimited…128
Sample Rate…48…44.1 (but depends on the opened template?)
Bit Resolution…24…16
Real Mixdown/Freeze…Yes…No

By No or limited feature it means the option is selectable but a message pops up saying No with a kind invitation to update/upgrade.
I dont remember getting such messages in LE 2.x.

Not all settings (MIDI, …) or functionality (tracks, …) were checked as these are already significant enough.

Could you please confirm these limitations or do I have a faulty install?
Is there an official complete list of LE 2.x and 3.x limitations?

Thank you,

Hi rbabota,

Please find the available features of Cubasis LE 3 on our Cubasis 3 comparison page.
If you have the feeling that Cubasis LE 2 offers features not being available in Cubasis LE 3, please feel free to use the version instead or in parallel.

Hope that helps!


Ok, found this list which confirms the above:

But then, if they were not changed I am confused… need to check if I actually have a full LE 2.x

Ok, I have indeed the upgraded Complete LE 2.x Version which I forgot.
My apologies for the topic report.

I understand that the options are:

  • buy again the similar 3.x LE Upgrade
  • buy Cubasis 3.x => but importing the prev purchases from LE does not work

Is there a downside using the Upgraded LE versus Full Cubasis?

Thank you.

Hi rbabota,

Thank you for your message.

You can freely transfer your Cubasis LE instrument and effect purchase to Cubasis 3 and/or Cubasis LE 3.

Please find the required steps in our How to transfer Cubasis LE 2 instrument and effect plug-in in-app purchases article.

Is there a downside using the Upgraded LE versus Full Cubasis?

Cubasis LE 3 runs in demo mode, until unlocked via connecting a supported device.

Once unlocked, you’re eligible to purchase the Full Feature Set IAP, which is cheaper than the regular Cubasis app, and updates Cubasis LE with the features of the full version. The app and its icon remains to be Cubasis LE, while the launch screen changes to Cubasis. After installing the FFS IAP, the app has the same features of the full Cubasis version.

If you prefer to purchase Cubasis 3 instead, you’re previous Cubasis LE instruments/effects in-app purchases can be freely transferred as described above.

Hope that helps!


Hello Lars! If I have a supported device (ZEDi10fx mixer), am I better off upgrading Cubasis LE 3 to full Cubasis 3? So it’s cheaper to see well and get the same. Do I understand correctly? Thanks for the reply! Geri

Hi geribeats,

If you have a compatible device which unlocks Cubasis LE from demo mode, the Full Feature Set IAP might be a feasible option for you.
The Full Feature Set IAP included in Cubasis LE, allows you to update Cubasis LE with the features of Cubasis at a reduced price.

Best wishes,

Very good! Thanks!