Cubasis LE and UR 44C

Last year I bought UR44C and in the box, I got a card that I am entitled to Cubasis LE for iPad.

I want to try it out but was wondering;

  1. Can I use Cubasis LE on the android phone? on this paper, it was “Cubasis LE for iPad”
  2. If yes for point 1, How can I update from Trial to full version - I downloaded the Trial version from Google Play but there is no option to add my hardware in there (URC), only to pay for update.


Hi @Wojciech_Ozimek,

Thank you for your message.
Cubasis LE is exclusive to iOS at this moment unfortunately.

In regards to Android, you can give our freely downloadable Cubasis LE Trial version a try.

The trial version allows to run a smaller feature set of Cubasis in a 30 minute demo mode, which can be restarted a often as you like.

Alongside, we currently offer Cubasis 40% off during the New Year Deals sales promo, which ends Feb 4, 2022.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,